-Airbrush history

-Airbrush types

-Brands & formulas

-Airbrush parts

-Airbrush cleaning

-Chart Practice

Airbrush Makeup workshop
Course Includes:

-Practice on models

​-Full face Beauty
-Blush application
-Eyeshadow application
-Eyebrows application
-Eyeliner application
-Combined application​​​​

Day 3 (7hrs)
Day 2 (7hrs)

 3-Day Intensive workshop / 18hrs

- 12 pack Temptu Foundations

- Temptu Airbrush Cleaner

- Temptu Primer

- Temptu Blush

- Temptu Highlighter

- Eyebrow Stencils

- Iwata Jet Compressor 

- Water resistant eyebrow color

- 20hrs workshop

- Extra material to use in class

- Certificate

Day 1 (6hrs)

Stand out from the rest!!


Offer more than just basic make-up application to your next client.

Specialize in this unique service and application.

Be able to airbrush EVERYTHING!

Make weddings your bread & butter!

Attract new clients because you offer something UNIQUE.


Workshop total cost $800
Save your spot with $400

Pay $200 the first day of class

$100 on the second day and $100 the last day.